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   ¡¡¡¡In May of 1995, Dawning 1000 large-scale parallel computer was developed successfully. The academician Song Jian (Assumed the state councillor and State Science and Technology Commission director at that time) denoted: Set up a batch of national high-performance computer centers in the whole country with Dawning 1000, and launch the popularization and application of Dawning 1000 in a more cost-effective manner. Therefore, the national high-performance computer center (Beijing) has been established. As almost seven years passing by, the national high-performance computer center (Beijing) has possessed each one set of Dawning 1000A, Dawning 2000- I, and Dawning 3000 at present, having possessed strong computing capability. Sun Ninghui, the incumbent director of center, and Feng Shengzhong, the deputy director.

¡¡¡¡According to the incomplete statistics, our centre has supported 450 items of national natural science fund, reconstruction project, national research problem-solving projects, 863 Programs and the important subjects of all ministries and commissions altogether in the past seven years, and have obtained some influential achievement in the domestic and international. The application spreads all over physics, chemistry, mechanics, petroleum, nuclear energy, meteorology, aeronautics, astronautics, hydraulics, biomedicine, bioinformatics, etc. The National high-performance computer center (Beijing) is fruitful in system maintenance, technical support, performance testing and evaluation, Apply the realization, parallel model and algorithm research, is accumulated deeply in technology, and enjoying high reputation in the industry ......

Author: Zhang Wen Li

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