From the Director

   The  National Research Center for Intelligent Computing Systems (NCIC) was founded in Mar, 1990, which purpose realize national advanced technology to apply in computer area by the leaders who take charge of 863-306 projects. She aims at the research and development of computer systems with super performance. High-performance computers are still in the limitation list of strategic technologies from western countries. In this way, it concerns the national security and plays a key role in the economic and social development.
The Dawning series of computer systems developed by NCIC not only have significant academic significance, but also have been widely applied. They can serve as host servers in various of Calculating Center, Network Center, Accounting Center, Balancing Center, Charging Center, Data Center, Process Center, Electronic Trade and Transaction Center, as well as in colleges, science research academes, large- or middle-scale enterprises and governmental organizations. Furthermore, they are also applied to the fields such as oil, meteorology, hydraulics, electrical power supply, astronautics and aeronautics as well as auto and ship design simulation, earthquake survey prediction, environment survey analysis, finance and securities, bio-information procession, web information service and basic science computation.

Author: Wang Qi Rong

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